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Busy Bees - Ronin Mole & Pest Control

This is a busy time of year for bees and beekeepers. As the new bee-season gains momentum, there is an increased chance you may find a nest developing in your house. Don't panic - but don't try to deal with it yourself. The nest still needs to be handled correctly if the bees are to be removed safely and completely.

The combs in this new nest had been built in just a week in the attic of my customer's home. I cut them away and relocated them to a hive in a garden. There were around 10,000 bees in total, and my customer says 'Thank you, Paul, for removing these bees! I can't tell you how happy I am that they are out of my house and re-homed with someone who can look after them properly!'

Busy Bees - Ronin Mole & Pest Control

I was also recently contacted to deal with a wild bee swarm in a public park. Swarms are not dangerous - indeed the bees are full of honey and unable to sting easily, and a swarm is bees at their most placid.

Bees really are gentle creatures, but if they are causing you a problem, please get in touch.

And just to remind you all, I never kill bees.

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